Malaysian vehicle sales data for April 2020 by brand

As reported earlier, the month of April saw what was the worst performing month ever in terms of new vehicle sales, with the country right in the thick of the fight against Covid-19 with the movement control order (MCO). According to data from the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), just 141

Tesla Data Leak: Old Components With Personal Info Find Their Way On eBay

Evidence emerges Tesla doesn’t erase personal data from replaced components and they’re winding up for sale online. Tesla’s retrofitting service for media control units (MCU) and Autopilot hardware – HW, for short – may not go far enough in protecting owners’ personal data. That’s according to white hat hacker GreenTheOnly.

Porsche Taycan Road Trip Data, Charging Planner Issues, & Much More

Here’s why the Taycan Europe road trip was a disaster. Reportedly, a certain German automaker isn’t happy with these videos. You may remember, not long ago we shared a video produced by Bjørn Nyland that talked about why you shouldn’t take a road trip from Norway to Spain in a Porsche

How Things Move and Why: Communication

Look, I get it. Engineers aren’t “normal.” They live life under more finite and concrete terms. To them, there are right and wrong answers and very little in between. Engineers believe in data and testing and iteration. Engineers are pragmatic and practical. There is little time for hyperbole, because, well,

Big data finds the loneliest roads in the U.S. ripe for a road trip

Click the link in the story to get to an interactive version of this map. Geotab, a fleet-tracking company, put all of its big data to use, bringing us the 50 loneliest roads in America, one for each state. It also created a handy interactive map, which you can interact

Malaysia vehicle sales data for July 2019 by brand

The see-saw ride continues for vehicle sales in the country, with the numbers again climbing in July after a soft month in June. Sales data from the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) revealed that 50,853 vehicles were sold in July, which was 8,327 units – or 19.5% – more than the