S'wak customs, MACC nab 18 cars with unpaid duties

The smuggling of cars from Brunei into neighbouring Sarawak without paying duties is apparently a big problem. So big, in fact, that the customs department in the state, together with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), impounded 18 luxury vehicles in an operation from July 9 to 12, including a Ferrari,

In Photos: The Hottest Customs in Motown

An elegant roadster—15 years in the making and a composite of an amazing array of ideas and parts—was competing with a rat rod covered in skulls and bamboo. A Mad Max–style special breathed flames near a Suzuki Samurai on snow tracks: fire versus ice. The savvy spied the Karmann Ghia with

Ride Into the Wasteland in Style With This Insane Lexus V-8-Powered Motorcycle

Any time you figure out how to strap yourself to a giant V-8 engine on two wheels, you have earned my undying respect, and a little bit of fear. Making it look like an extra from 2Pac’s California Love video just earns you bonus points.  https://youtube.com/watch?v=TdYbui_f83k%3Frel%3D0 Meet Gangrena, a custom