This U.K. Shop Will Sell You a Full Carbon Body for Your Vintage Alfa Romeo Giulia

United Kingdom-based Alfa Romeo restoration firm Alfaholics revealed plans this week to introduce a full carbon fiber body conversion for the vintage “step-nose” Giulia coupe. The conversion includes all exterior body panels, and provides a 154-pound weight savings over a comparable steel-bodied car. Alfaholics is known for creating high-level restorations

The Volkswagen Jetta III Was Built to Capitalize on America's Sedan Boom

SUVs and pickups might have America’s heart these days, but back in the Nineties, sedans were all the range. The most popular passenger vehicle in America was a sedan, not an F-150. Volkswagen knew how important having a strong sedan in its lineup was—its best-selling car was the Jetta, after

This Car Was the McLaren F1's Older, Lighter Sibling

Gordon Murray is most famous for designing the Mclaren F1, but it wasn’t the only car he made. Before he got to creating the masterpiece that would define his career, he built this car, the Rocket. The Rocket was built by the Light Car Company, the brain child of Murray

This Hotel Built a Life-Size Pierce Arrow Race Car out of Gingerbread

Some people make gingerbread houses for the holidays. Others use gingerbread to build life-size replicas of classic race cars. We’re not saying one activity is better than the other… but we’re also not not saying it. When it comes to having that festive spirit, the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs

Sports Sedans Don't Get Much Cooler Than This 1983 Alpina B9

Before BMW created the M5, if you wanted a hot 5-Series, you had to go to Alpina. Believe me—this was no hardship. The longtime BMW tuner has been turning out powerful, effortlessly cool cars based on BMWs for a some time, and this 1983 B9 3.5 is a perfect example.

Why Honda Restored a 1961 Chevrolet Apache 10 Pickup

Japanese carmakers didn’t have an easy start in the US, but Honda didn’t need to worry. Just six years after the American Honda Motor Company was created in 1959, it became the best-selling motorcycle brand in the country. And to reach a bike market share of almost 72 percent in