China Says It Has ‘Too Many’ EV Companies

The last two decades have seen China rapidly become a major player in the automotive market. However, when it comes to electric vehicles, it appears the government may be concerned at the level of competition within the country. Industry and Information Technology Minister Xiao Yaqing stated there are “too many”

China has "too many" EV manufacturers; minimum production capacity utilisation limit considered –

China has “too many” electric vehicle makers, and the government will encourage consolidation, said its minister of industry and information technology Xiao Yaqing, reported Automotive News Europe. “The [electric car makers] are small and scattered. The role of the market should be fully utilised and we encourage merger and restructuring

China’s Got Its Own Hummer H1 Now With the Dongfeng Warrior M50

One of the few things that have shown the potential to unite the East and West is our common fascination with military trucks. The Czech like their Tatra T813 8x8s, we Americans our Jeeps and Humvees, and the Chinese, the vehicle they derived from the latter, the Mengshi (warrior). And,

China: Tesla Doubled MIC Sales In June 2021

Over 33,000 Model 3 and Model Y were sold in China or exported. In June, Tesla once again significantly increased its EV sales in China, reaching one of the highest levels ever. The total volume (sales and export) – according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA)’s data (via Reuters

China: GM Expands Design Center To Accelerate EV Development

It will focus on designs of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. General Motors announced the opening of its GM China Advanced Design Center after a major expansion and upgrade, which allows it to double local design capacity. As for the main reason behind the expansion, the company mentions an ongoing

China: Plug-In Electric Car Share Increases To 12% In May 2021

Two Teslas on the podium and a new nameplate in the top five. In May 2021, plug-in electric car registrations in China increased about 146% year-over-year to over 190,000, which accounts for 12% of the overall car market. It seems that after 11% share in March, 10% in April and

China: Plug-In Cars Grab 10% Market Share In April 2021

Sales almost tripled, and over 80% are all-electric cars. Plug-in electric car sales in China continue to grow very fast, exceeding 175,000 in April, which is 173% more than a year ago. According to EV Sales Blog, that’s the second consecutive month of double-digit market share (10%), after 11% in

Amid Big Challenges In China, Tesla Model Y Sales Prevail

Tesla had the odds stacked against it in April, but the Model Y appears to have significantly outsold rivals. Tesla has been up against a multitude of issues in China. This isn’t a good look for the automaker since CEO Elon Musk has noted on many occasions that the country

China: Plug-In Car Sales Almost Hit New Record In March 2021

Plug-in market share actually is a record high at 11%! March was another very strong month for plug-in electric vehicle sales in China and almost became the all-time record, beating December 2020. According to EV Sales Blog, over 210,000 new passenger plug-in cars were sold last month (up some 244% year-over-year).