Check Out Singer’s Reimagined Porsche 911 Safari Rally Racer

No longer content with just honing 964-series Porsche 911s into works of art, it seems Singer wants to build cars that are both exquisitely crafted … and can shred on gravel sideways at triple-digit speeds. Drawing on Porsche’s especially legendary rally machines, such as the 911 SC/RS, 953, and 959,

Tesla Model Y: Check Out These 10 Must-Have Accessories

The holiday season is upon us, so it’s high time to check out some accessories for your Tesla. There’s no doubt that regardless of the car you own, there are probably lots of accessories available for it. This is especially true if we’re talking about typical accessories like floor mats

Check Out This Ridiculous Road Rage Accident Caught On TeslaCam

This road-raging driver could have easily killed someone. As you can see from the newscast and video, a road-raging SUV driver intentionally causes this Tesla to slam into the back of it. Thankfully, the incident was caught on the Tesla’s standard, built-in dashcam (TeslaCam) and everyone is “mostly” okay after

Check Out How EV Sales Have Evolved In The U.S. Since 2010

Did you know almost 1 million Americans bought an EV? Nissan started to sell the Leaf in the US in December 2010. That’s the moment picked to develop the interesting interactive trend chart that is embedded in this article and also the video above, which you only get to

How to check if a car is taxed, MoT’d and insured

The government offers a free tax and insurance checker to make sure a vehicle is legally allowed on UK roads. Here’s how to use it… If you want to check whether a car is taxed or insured and if it has a valid MoT, all you need is a reg

Check Out The Tesla Model 3 With Chrome Delete

Let’s take a look at the available Model 3 versions (all the color and wheel options) after the chrome delete. The Tesla Model Y was available without chrome elements from the start and now Tesla removed chrome also from the exterior of the Model 3. We guess that it’s actually the

Check Out This Tesla-Powered Electric Van Project: Behind The Scenes

This electric van is essentially a clean slate. There are a world of possibilities waiting to be unveiled. If you’ve been following the electric vehicle space for some time, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with EV West. The store, located in California, specializes in electric car parts and components.