California: Cumulative Plug-In Electric Car Sales Reach 800,000

The U.S. captured just roughly 10% of the global plug-in market in 2020. California, the largest U.S. market for plug-in electric cars, did not see any increase in the sales volume in 2020, unfortunately just like in 2019. According to Veloz’s Sales Dashboard, electric car sales (including all-electric, plug-in hybrid

California: Plug-Ins Capture Over 8% Of The Market In 2020

Three all-electric car models are on the top of their categories in California. In 2020, the overall light-vehicle sales in California amounted to 1,639,166 units, which is 21.7% less than in 2019. The decline is noticeably deeper than in the U.S. (by 14.4% to 14,645,049). According to the California New

Chunk of California Highway 1 Crumbles Into the Pacific After Storms Trigger Landslide

California’s State Route 1, or the Pacific Coast Highway, may be America’s second most-romanticized road behind Route 66. Its winding turns and Pacific Ocean-overlooking views are some of the most spectacular on the planet—it’s little wonder the route inspired a song by The Beach Boys. But the PCH’s location on

Uber Fined $59M over Sexual Assault, Harassment Claims

While the CPUC says the information can be anonymous, Uber could lose its license if the company fails to pay the fine within 30 days.  Photo via Uber. The California Public Utilities Commission has fined Uber $59 million for failing to provide the commission with information related to sexual assault

Fisker Strikes Deal with Magna to Build Electric Ocean SUV

Henrik Fisker’s electric startup made some waves (while also prompting a few eye-rolls) a little under a year ago when it unveiled the Ocean SUV, promising a 300-mile range and a modest price. The company, Fisker’s second automaker on paper, took the wraps off the Ocean at last year’s CES

California To Ban New Gas-Powered Vehicle Sales Starting In 2035

The executive order by Governor Newsom is all in an effort to combat climate change. California has long been the leader in the US in fuel economy standards. And in recent years, officials have floated the idea of banning gas-powered vehicle sales entirely. Today, the state of California plans to

A Perfect Example of How Not To Do EV Charging on Public Streets

Delivery trucks, turning cars and trash—as if cyclists didn’t have enough to worry about in the bike lane, now we have electric car chargers strung over the path like poorly-hung Christmas lights. Recently, Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles underwent a minor facelift under the ADAPT program. This included revamping

California regulators, automakers finalize pact for tougher emissions regulations

Environmental regulators in California and five automakers finalized a deal this week that would voluntarily cut emissions among new cars over time and bring to market more electric vehicles in that state, and other states that follow similar emissions guidelines. The deal was announced Monday by the California Air Resources

AAA, Electrify America Deploy 55 Volkswagen EVs in Sacramento

Electrify America’s Green Cities investment in Sacramento now encompass a car sharing program operated by Envoy for residents residing primarily in lower income and disadvantaged housing communities Photo via Pxfuel. AAA Car Subscription now offers 55 Volkswagen e-Golf electric vehicles available for short-term subscription in the Sacramento area as part

California Labor Board Lawsuit Against Uber, Lyft Alleges Wage Theft

As independent contractors, drivers are not entitled to basic workplace protections such as paid sick leave, unemployment insurance, minimum wage, or overtime pay. Photo via Depositphotos. Last week, the California Labor Board filed separate lawsuits against Uber and Lyft, alleging the ride-hailing groups have engaged in wage theft. According to NBC Bay Area,