Mercedes to quit? 'Same chance as Martians landing' | Planet F1

Toto Wolff thinks the chances of Mercedes leaving Formula 1 in the foreseeable future are the same as an invasion of aliens from Mars. After seven consecutive Drivers and Constructors’ world titles, and the prospect of an eighth in both categories being racked up this year, Mercedes have conquered all

Here Are the 20 Most Popular Cars on TikTok

TikTok was the most downloaded app in the world last year. According to new research from, a price-comparison service, BMW is the most popular vehicle brand on the TikTok app and Ford’s Mustang is the most popular individual model. Using hashtags mentioning each vehicle make and model, Uswitch’s research

Rental Car Shortage Is Still Costing Travelers

The arrival of spring breakers to Florida last month had caused significant shortage of rental cars throughout the state, but the shortage hasn’t abated in the past three weeks as more Americans are making travel plans to sunny places for May and beyond. The supply of rental cars in the

Made a small visor / display cover for my KTM Duke

I hope this helps whoever is looking to do something about that bare empty look on the front end of the Duke. BHPian Shonith recently shared this with other BHPians. I have been looking for a small visor for my 390 since the time I bought it in 2019. Unfortunately,

The best used Renault Sport cars to buy in 2021

When it comes to offering affordable performance to the masses, no firm has done a better job than Renault By PH Staff / Thursday, March 18, 2021 / Loading comments There's not much to get a UK car enthusiast excited like a great Renault Sport product. For more than 20

Silverstone hope for 140,000 crowd at British Grand Prix | Planet F1

Silverstone are optimistic this year’s British Grand Prix will take place in front of a 140,000-capacity crowd after the UK’s lockdown ‘roadmap’ was outlined. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, is hopeful that social distancing restrictions can be lifted from June 21 onwards in order to allow full crowds to attend UK

Game-Changing 1970s Japanese Camera Shoots Japanese Engines

The Canon AE-1 was a revolutionary piece of design, a sturdy single-lens reflex 35mm camera that stuffed futuristic electronic controls into an affordable package, and it shook up the photography world of 1976 just as powerfully as the Ricohflex did two decades earlier. My parents bought an AE-1 new in

What Was the Final US-Market Car with a Four-Speed Transmission?

The first truly successful automatic transmission had four forward speeds and could be purchased in new 1940 Oldsmobiles. For decade after decade, though, most two-pedal cars sold here had either two or three speeds; only in the early 1980s did the overdrive-equipped four-speed automatic become commonplace on American roads. The

NIO ES6 Checked Out By Fully Charged In Context Of European Launch

NIO ES6 is one of the top Chinese electric cars on the market. Would it have a chance in Europe? Fully Charged recently tested the NIO ES6 luxury electric SUV, which happens to be the best-selling NIO model with almost 28,000 in 2020. The ES6 is noticeably smaller than the