Remembering F1’s first world championship race 70 years on

Today, May 13, marks the 70th anniversary of Formula 1’s first world championship race. Silverstone had first made its mark in October 1948 when it hosted the RAC Grand Prix, and was immediately established as the country’s premier motor sporting venue. The man credited with touting the unused former WW2

'Customer cars a way to control smaller teams'

Guenther Steiner has reiterated his belief that customer cars are just another for the big boys to keep the smaller teams behind them. As Formula 1 debates lowering the budget cap, the likes of Red Bull and Ferrari have both stated they would rather sell cars to customer teams. Red

Plug In America: Stop Saying COVID-19 Will Kill The Electric Car

It’s not helping. but it definitely won’t stop the EVolution. Plug In America wants everyone to know that the coronavirus, as bad as it is, isn’t going to stop the transition to electric cars. In fact, they are asking people to stop saying that it will, in their latest press

Mazda supports research into carbon-neutral biofuels

While some automakers have started distancing themselves from internal combustion engines (ICEs), Mazda thinks otherwise. The Japanese carmaker expects liquid fuel to remain dominant in the automotive industry until at least 2040, and that 95% of the vehicles it produces in 2030 to have ICEs paired with some form of

Facelifted Mercedes-AMG E 63 caught on camera

Mercedes will soon reveal an updated version of its BMW M5 rival, with a bold new look anticipated Our spy photographers have caught the facelifted Mercedes-AMG E 63 on camera, wearing minimal camouflage. The update ties-in the E 63’s styling with the rest of the updated E-Class range. This facelifted

There Are Over 80,000 Public Charging Points In The U.S.

The number of places to charge soon should exceed 100,000 and more importantly, there are now more and more DC fast chargers. In late 2019, the number of public charging points in the U.S. exceeded 80,000, which is over an 8-fold improvement within six years. According to, the growth rate in

Ford Suspends Dividend and Draws Down Credit Lines

The same week the Dearborn-based automaker closed plants in Germany and Romania following other European auto giants, and said it is doing the same in the U.S. until March 31st, the company has taken several steps to safeguard its financial position following dramatic market instability related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

WEC’s Sebring 1000-mile race canceled amid travel ban

The FIA World Endurance Championship’s Sebring round scheduled for next week, in a double bill with IMSA’s 12 Hour race, has been canned after the U.S. banned travelers from 26 countries in mainland Europe. On Wednesday, IMSA put out a press release stating that the second round of the 2020

Bose To Bump 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Owners With Its Most Powerful In-Car Sound System

With how our lives are so centered around media these days, it’s incredibly frustrating when a new car doesn’t come with a decent stereo. Thankfully, there’s no such worry in the new mid-engine 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray as Bose just announced that it’ll be introducing its most powerful automotive sound

2020 Alpine A110 Legende GT, Colour Edition debut

Alpine has taken the veils off the new, limited edition A110 Légende GT and A110 Colour Edition, the former limited to just 400 examples worldwide. As the name implies, it takes after the existing A110 Légende, but with equipment and styling taken up a notch. Firstly, it’s available in three