Renault ZOE Will Be Phased-Out And Repaced By Renault 5

The current generation ZOE is expected to continue only until around 2024. According to Luca de Meo, Renault CEO, the ZOE will not live to see a next-generation as the company is switching to a new all-electric platform. So far, the Renault ZOE was the best-selling all-electric model from Renault

Ford Bronco Soft Top May Be Rubbing Paint Off Roll Bar

It’s another roof issue for the Bronco. Several 2022 Ford Bronco owners on the Bronco 6G forum are reporting an issue where the hardware that folds the soft top is rubbing against the rear roll bar, and this is causing damage to the paint. Many people there are posting photos

Ford Maverick May Be A Better Truck To Lease Than Hyundai Santa Cruz

It all boils down to residual value. The battle between compact pickups has commenced in the US with the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz, making sure that truck-loving Americans will be spoilt for choice. While we’ve already compared the two trucks in a spec sheet matchup before, it will

What Will Be the Last New Car with a 5-Speed Manual?

Outdated automotive technology often sticks around longer than many of us might suspect. The carburetor, for example, didn’t get completely shoved aside by electronic fuel injection on US-market new cars until the early 1990s. The same goes for transmissions; it was only last year that the venerable four-speed automatic—a technology

70% Of Peugeot Models to Be Electrified In 2021

It means at least one all-electric or plug-in hybrid option for every model. Peugeot announced that with the addition of two new plug-in hybrid versions of the Peugeot 308, the brand’s lineup will be electrified by 70% by the end of this year. Peugeot defines electrification as the availability of at

The Grenadier Will Be Used for Mine-Clearing Work

The Ineos Grenadier is inching its way to production, and even in its development period there are plans underway to push it to perform lifesaving work in some of the world’s most dangerous environments. Ineos has indicated this week that for the past two years it has been working with

BMW 5 Series facelift to be launched on June 24

The 5 Series facelift is expected to get the same 2.0-litre petrol, 2.0-litre diesel and 3.0-litre diesel engines as before. BMW has already launched the updated 5 Series in the international market. Now, the company has revealed that it is planning to introduce the car in India on June 24.

Next BMW 7 Series Will Be Previewed As A Concept In September: Report

The concept will appear at the IAA show in Munich. The current BMW 7 Series received an extensive facelift for the 2020 model year, but the bones of BMW’s flagship sedan actually date to 2015. An all-new version is currently in development but we likely won’t see it this year.

Quickest Dodge Ever Will Be An EV To Compete With Tesla Plaid

It’s time for Dodge to put its best foot forward and compete with the Tesla Model S Plaid. With Ford and Volkswagen’s big EV push, as well as the official start of Tesla Model S Plaid deliveries, it’s high time for Dodge to get back to the drawing board. A