Paying with your phone at a drive thru could see car insurnace axed and motorists fined

Coronavirus social distancing measures have forced many restaurants to opt for drive thru or takeaway options to generate profits during the crisis. This could leave many road users who usually opt to go inside a restaurant forced to try drive-thru lanes for the first time.  READ MORE Motorists can be fined

Experts advise motorists use this fuel pump trick when filling up at petrol stations

Health experts have warned road users to wash their hands or use sanitiser after touching the pumps to help kill off harmful germs. The Irish Petroleum Industry has confirmed stations around the country were being provided extra sanitiser and paper towels to use amid the crisis.  READ MORE Fuel prices

Car Insurance policies may not be invalidated for breaking these rules due to coronavirus

However, many insurers have decided to relax some of their rules amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Several car insurance companies have confirmed their policies will not be affected or invalidated by breaking simple terms to help the national effort.  READ MORE Parking in supermarket could invalidate car insurance Traditionally breaking

Experts warn this fuel pump tip could stop you catching coronavirus at petrol station

Fuel pumps are used by many motorists every day and experts have urged road users to always take protection while at the petrol station. Wearing gloves will prevent coronavirus germs from sticking to your hands which could help stop the spread between others.  READ MORE Morrisons reduces fuel pump prices

Piers Morgan slams NHS car parking fines as ‘shameful’ and promises to pay money himself

Piers Morgan revealed how viewers had reported traffic wardens had issued parking fines on cars owned by NHS staff. The Good Morning Britain host even pledged to pay for any parking tickets issued to NHS staff to help those on the frontline. Minutes later property expert Kirstie Allsopp pledged to go

UK fuel retailers lining ‘fat wallets’ and ‘fleecing’ motorists by charging 30p higher

Fuel campaigners have claimed some retailers may be benefiting from up to 30p per litre in cost savings not passed onto customers. FairFuelUK says petrol customers could be charged 30.7p per litre more than they should as retailers fail to pass wholesale oil savings over to customers.  READ MORE Fuel

Motorists could catch coronavirus from these parts as many fail to regularly clean cars

Analysis has shown key car parts could be overlooked from regular cleans as road users instead focus on handwashing. Experts at Select Car Leasing have revealed a quarter of road users admit to only cleaning their cars once every 12 months.  READ MORE Panic buying can invalidate car insurance Four

Thousands of Brits caught driving without a MOT since stricter guidelines were introduced

The MOT test changed in May 2018, with tighter rules around emissions and safety, as well as higher fines for drivers caught with an unroadworthy vehicle. A freedom of information request revealed 68,027 have been issued with penalty charges across England and Wales by police since the changes. The Met

Police have issued fines of up to £1,000 to thousands of motorists driving without this

However, police officers have revealed they have caught more than 68,000 motorists driving without a valid pass certificate since stricter rules were introduced in 2018. A total of 68,027 motorists have been issued with MOT related charges across England and Wales according to information from a Freedom of Information Act