Just How Long Will An EV Battery Last?

EV batteries don’t last forever and they’re expensive to replace. Is this cause for concern? When you first bought your newest smart phone, you probably felt quite pleased to have a device that would actually survive the day without needing additional charging. Two years later though, you’re likely to run

Crutchlow: Qualifying crash an ‘amateur mistake’

LCR Honda rider Cal Crutchlow says he regrets making “a bit of an amateur mistake” that led to him crashing out of Silverstone MotoGP qualifying. Crutchlow will start his home race from ninth on the grid, having slid off the track at Stowe while on course to improve on his

Build or Buy: R U Ready for an R?

Is that MK7 GTI no longer giving you the same driving thrill? Looking for more performance? Maybe something with all-wheel-drive and around 300 horsepower? How ’bout a MK7 Golf R? But maybe you want something a little more special. Do you build your own custom R, or pick one up

Watch an Electric Ford F-150 Prototype Tow 1.25 Million Pounds

Ford has mentioned it would introduce an all-electric F-150, but little did we know a prototype is well underway. In a new video, Ford not only shows off its electric F-150 prototype but demonstrates it can tow 1.25 million pounds. Linda Zhang, F-150 chief engineer, drives the F-150 as it

An Alpina BMW X7 Is Coming, and It'll Be Mega

Because even the 523-hp X7 M50i won’t be exclusive or powerful enough for some, Alpina has already started testing its own version of BMW’s biggest-ever SUV. That’s right, the X7 will likely be one of Alpina’s next models, company CEO Andreas Bovensiepen tells us. When we drove the X7, we

BMW vs. Volvo: An Informal Wagon Comparison

The Noordeloos family is a wagon family. As noted in my recent Volvo V60 “How I’d Spec It” story, we’re on our fifth longroof in a row. Sadly, the all-new BMW 3 Series wagon isn’t coming to America, at least for now, so we need to keep our eyes open

Bob Tasca III on an NHRA roll, thanks in part to a not-so-secret weapon

Bob Tasca followed up his fifth career win with No. 6 one week later at Norwalk, Ohio. Bob Tasca III’s NHRA Funny Car victory at Bristol, Tennessee, two weeks ago was about keeping a promise. His triumph the following week at Norwalk, Ohio, was about making a promise. As the

An Enthusiastic Look at Our Top 8 Official Volkswagen Car Accessories

Join us for a hands-on look at our top choices of original Volkswagen Accessories for the newest generation of cars. We used a 2019 Volkswagen Jetta for test fitting and photographs, and although part numbers might change, most are available for other new Volkswagen cars as well. All these parts