Culdesac Tempe, a no-cars-allowed community in Arizona, USA

As per the community guidelines, the residents are contractually forbidden to park a vehicle within a quarter-mile radius of the site. Culdesac Tempe is a $170 million residential community built outside Phoenix, Arizona. It is said to be the first and only zero-driving community built from scratch in the USA.

New Volkswagen ID. Life wows at Munich Motor Show

The new Volkswagen ID. Life concept previews a future affordable electric car that will sit below the ID.3 in the brand's line-up Volkswagen has used the Munich Motor Show to preview its upcoming affordable electric car with a new concept. Called the Volkswagen ID. Life, it is designed to sit beneath the

Hyundai’s Tiny Casper SUV Is a Piece of Adorable Forbidden Fruit

What if the Kia Soul and the Honda e had an adorable, tiny SUV offspring? It might look something like the Hyundai Casper, an entry-level SUV designed for markets such as South Korea and India. Let’s just get this out of the way: the Casper is not coming to America.

The New Hyundai Casper Is So Adorable It Hurts

A tiny crossover isn’t the sort of thing you’d normally find us getting excited about here at CT towers, but the Hyundai Casper is no ordinary little high-rider. What you’re looking at here might just be the most adorable crossover ever made, with a cute factor approaching Japanese Kei car

Mark Webber not a fan of proposed Eau Rouge changes | Planet F1

Mark Webber is sceptical about the proposed changes to enhance safety at Spa’s exciting Eau Rouge section. One of the most iconic corners on the Formula 1 calendar, Eau Rouge/Raidillon has been the scene of some horrifying incidents in recent years – among them tragically, of course, the crash in

The Curious Case Of A Deleted Audi Commercial That Features Walter Rohrl And Doug DeMuro

Recently, Audi of America decided to spend an awful lot of money making an extended advert. How much? We don’t know for sure, but to give you an idea, the credits take three minutes to get through. Titled ‘Led Balloon’, the eight-minute-long video had filming units in three US states

PF1's verdict: A 'race' with less credibility than Indy 2005

The shortest race in Formula 1 history became the biggest farce since the 2005 Indianapolis GP as F1 spent some slow laps behind the Safety Car to declare a result at the Belgian Grand Prix. PlanetF1 gives its verdict on the race, if you can even call it that… Michelle

Watch This Mazda Miata With A Train Horn Save Itself From A Crash

There’s probably a train with a Miata horn crying out there. The Mazda MX-5 Miata has always been among the favorite cars of the tuning companies. Not only that but we’ve also seen a number of very cool cars based on the Japanese roadster, including a 1930s Alfa Romeo kit