Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus Gets More Range At Higher Price

Tesla tweaked prices and some specs for the Model 3. This week, Tesla decided to tweak its U.S. Tesla Model 3 offer a little bit, which includes a price increase for two out of three versions listed in the online configurator: First of all, the top of the line Performance version

See A Man Enter A Model 3 To Drive It And Fly Out of The Window

The owner was sleeping in the back seat. It was tough to determine where this video really fit. It is so weird you’ll laugh at it. Hence it could be in our humor category. But you’ll laugh nervously, so it is pretty weird. You’ll understand our drama when you watch

Ford Kuga PHEV Starts At €39,300 In Germany

Ford Kuga PHEV is priced similarly to the top of the line Kuga with all-wheel-drive. According to the German Ford website, the price of the upcoming Ford Kuga PHEV (Ford Escape PHEV in the U.S.) starts at €39,300 ($43,450) before incentives. That’s a €7,400 premium (23%) over the base ICE

G20 BMW 3 Series CKD – 330i, same specs, RM289k

Six months after the local debut of the G20 BMW 3 Series, BMW Group Malaysia has announced the introduction of the CKD locally-assembled version. The seventh-generation sports sedan continues to be offered in sole 330i M Sport form, with the same amount of equipment as the fully-imported (CBU) unit. The

Tesla Model 3 Performance Blows By Corvette At Pokono Raceway

Yep, it’s a beast on the track, despite some people’s prior expectations. The Tesla Model S and Model X continue to excel at the drag strip due to their instant torque and otherworldly off-the-line acceleration. However, neither has really been a solid contender at the twisty track. Don’t get us

Can Tesla Model 3 Performance Beat a Tuned Corvette? What About Two?

This video proves you cannot win them all on the drag strip. You are probably used to seeing drag races in which the EV involved beats every other competitor, mercilessly. And that is a good feeling for electric car fans, despite what Anderson Cooper seems to think about them. But

Tesla Model 3 Sales Help Drop Average Price Of Electric Cars In US

The Model 3 was expensive early on, but now it helps adoption. Despite much negativity toward Tesla for releasing an “expensive” Model 3 early on — even though this is a common practice among luxury vehicle manufacturers — the automaker’s plan has proven to significantly accelerate EV adoption. Even when

Can The Tesla Model 3 Launch Repeatedly Like Porsche Taycan?

Still not quite like it, but the repetition part happened for sure. Jonny Smith, from the Fully Charged YouTube channel, had the chance to test drive the Porsche Taycan less than a week ago. And he performed exactly 30 launches from 0 to 124 mph (200 km/h). Could a Tesla