VW Passat Dead After 2023 In The US

Another sedan bites the dust. Well, another sedan is saying goodbye at the expense of crossovers and SUVs. Today, it’s the Volkswagen Passat that’s leaving us. The German automaker will cease the model’s production at its Tennessee plant in 2023, no longer offering it in the US, according to Wards

How will F1’s 2023 salary cap work?

A salary cap for both drivers and top team personnel has taken a step closer to becoming a reality from 2023 – but how will it work, and can it be policed? The principle was supported in an F1 Commission meeting held after the Portuguese GP. However the details have

2023 Ford F-150 EV Teaser Appears During River Rouge Announcement

The all-electric pickup will get a full-width light bar across its frunk. With an all-electric Ford F-150 on the way for 2023, the Blue Oval is entering the taunt-and-bait phase of vehicle development. To wit: this shadowy teaser revealed yesterday during an announcement about the company’s new Rouge Electric Vehicle

2023 Nissan 400Z: Everything We Know About the Supra-Fighter

After more than a decade on the market, the Nissan 370Z is finally retiring. In its place comes the 400Z. Or at least that’s what we expect Nissan to christen the new Z. Unlike today’s sports car, the upcoming 2023 Z’s digits are not expected to represent the displacement of

2023 Cadillac Pricing Will Start Under $60,000

The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq debuted earlier this month, promising Tesla-like range and technology. Now, Cadillac is providing clues as to how much the electric crossover will cost when it debuts in late 2022 or early 2023. As Automotive News reports, the Lyriq will start under $60,000. That’s according to Steve