Why Audi’s Le Mans return heralds a new age for sportscars

OPINION: The news that Audi will return to Le Mans means we’ll at last get to see the fight promised in 2012 against Peugeot and Toyota. It also gives LMDh a tangible form, which could open the floodgates for more like-minded marques to follow suit…

Given the crisis that blights our world today, I’m sure I’ve not been alone in wishing for a time machine to whirl me back to happier times. My dreams came true on Monday, at least those for the discipline of the sport I love, when Audi announced its return to frontline endurance racing.

It felt like I’d been dumped back in the winter of 2011-12, a time when we were relishing a three-way battle between the German manufacturer, Peugeot and Toyota in the born-again World Endurance Championship coming on stream in the year ahead.

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