Watch Red Bull Set Record F1 Pit Stop In Just 1.91 Seconds

Blink and you’ll miss it.

How long did your last trip to the tire shop last? It was likely a whole lot longer than 1.91 seconds. However, the Red Bull pit crew managed to set a new record for a pit stop in Formula One by changing four tires on Pierre Gasly’s machine that quickly during the 2019 British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Later in the race, the squad showed consistency by changing Max Verstappen’s rubber in 1.96 seconds.

It’s a very impressive performance to watch because each member of the crew works together like a well-oiled machine. In slow motion, you can see that the folks with the guns are tracking the wheels as they roll in. The old rubber comes off almost simultaneously as other squadmates are lifting the car. The team apparently knew that the members did a good job after Grasly drove away because they are fist-bumping and patting each other on the helmet.  

The quick pit stop helped Gasly finish in fourth place at the British Grand Prix. His teammate, Max Verstappen, crossed the line right behind him in fifth place. 

The Red Bull team’s 1.91-second pit stop for Gasly beat the previous record of 1.92 seconds that the Williams squad set at the 2016 European Grand Prix in Baku, Azerbaijan, while changing Felipe Massa’s tires (watch it above). The Williams team’s unofficial analysis claimed that they did the switch in 1.89 seconds, but the F1 organizers didn’t accept this slightly quicker time. At the time, the squad’s boss said that he believed an even quicker time was possible, and the Red Bull crew finally proved that to be the case.

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