Toto Wolff likes that Lewis Hamilton is a polarising figure

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says he prefers that Lewis Hamilton is a polarising figure instead of being “boring”.

Hamilton left his home race at Silverstone with a record sixth victory at the circuit to his name, though a debate was sparked afterwards when his Britishness was questioned.

The five-time World Champion had protested viciously for a new contract to be signed to keep the British GP at Silverstone – this duly happened with a new five-year deal announced.

Despite the questioning of Hamilton, Wolff said that he is happy to see his driver polarise opinions, rather than be be “down the middle and boring”.

“I think racing in front of the home crowd at Silverstone, he wants to do well, and that puts an additional tension and intensity into the situation,” Wolff told

“For me, many of the sports stars, they polarise. You will have heard similar comments about Serena Williams. Half of the people love her and want her to win everything, and the other half cheers for her opponents.

“You’d rather polarise than be down the middle and boring, in my opinion.”

Hamilton described winning at his home event as “the greatest single moment for any athlete in the world.”

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