'Sebastian Vettel waiting for Hamilton announcement'

Two weeks after confirmation of his move to Racing Point was expected, Formula 1 is still waiting to hear what Sebastian Vettel will be doing next season.

Told by Ferrari earlier this year that 2020 would be his sixth and final season with the Scuderia, Vettel has been weighing up his options.

While Red Bull, McLaren and Renault all shut the door on the German, Racing Point, which will be rebranded Aston Martin next season, has emerged as the four-time World Champion’s most likely destination.

An announcement was expected at the Belgian Grand Prix but instead Vettel of putting pen to paper on a deal that is reportedly worth $15 million per season, Vettel told the world that he had nothing new to say about 2021.

“I have lots of pens with me but not specifically to sign something,” he said during the Thursday drivers’ press conference at Spa.

“There are no updates – you can just copy and paste the question last time from the press conference.”

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— Sebastian Vettel #5 (@sebvettelnews) August 27, 2020

Almost two weeks later there is still no word on the German’s plans.

Motorsport.com reckons that’s because he is waiting for Mercedes to confirm Lewis Hamilton, or – as he probably hopes – not to confirm Hamilton.

While Valtteri Bottas has already committed his future to the Brackley squad, Hamilton has yet to sit down with motorsport boss Toto Wolff to iron out the finer details.

“Once you get all those small details out of the way then it comes to the big questions,” the Brit said last month when asked about the hold up.

Although the six-time World Champion has stated several times that he will be in Formula 1 for a few more years to come, until there is confirmation of that, Vettel is keeping his options open.

Motorsport.com reports that there are ‘two asterisks’ to Vettel signing with Aston Martin.

‘One is linked to the team’s plans on the technical front after the crackdown by the FIA in the matter of single-seaters-copy, the other is always an ear to Mercedes choices, that is the announcement of Hamilton’s renewal,’ reads the report

‘If Lewis changes his mind Seb would be very ready to head towards Brackley.

‘If Vettel decides not to trust the Racing Point project, the confirmation of Sergio Perez is a foregone conclusion, as is that of a sabbatical for Vettel.’

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