'Red Bull have more power than Mercedes in some areas'

Lewis Hamilton is wary of the threat posed by Red Bull, who he feels boast more power than Mercedes “in some areas”.

Hamilton and Mercedes may be sitting very pretty at the top of the World Championship standings, but Red Bull have won two out of the last four races with Max Verstappen able to show rock-solid form all season long.

That has left Hamilton taking notice of a potential Red Bull revival and is not ruling out being giving a harder time by them at more power-hungry tracks this season.

“It might be that way this weekend [in Hungary] and I think Singapore will be strong for them,” Hamilton told reporters at the Hungaroring.

“When we get to the longer places like Monza, it could be different this year, they have a new power unit, they’re not lower than us on power.

“I think in some places they’ve got more power than us. It will be interesting to see how they go in those other places.”

Hamilton believes that Red Bull’s previous title credentials, plus the Adrian Newey factor, still makes them a force to be reckoned with.

“I think what people need to remember is that it’s a multi-championship winning team,” Hamilton added.

“They’ve always had a very good car. You’ve got Adrian Newey there, who’s one of the best designers there is in the sport.

“They had a slump with a little bit less power, then they had a period of time where they had a little bit less downforce than most people that definitely crept back up and started to utilise the car more.

“Both drivers are starting to put in good performances, so they’re there, and it is clearly a very good car. We’re in a period of time where it suits them.

“And also people need to remember that sometimes a car is better in other places. The car is not always the best through the whole season.

“Austria, the Red Bull was a better package for that circuit, it worked well in the temperatures and everything. Even compared to us with a good car and against Ferrari.”

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