The other factor that helped make the Tuscan GP exciting

With the many incidents dominating the headlines after Formula 1’s first visit to Mugello, the quality of racing in-between was largely overlooked. As our technical expert Tim Wright explains, a key circuit trait had a major role to play

The Tuscan Grand Prix at Mugello gave us an insight into how a high-speed corner with camber can improve Formula 1 drivers’ overtaking prospects. Turn 1 in particular, the San Donato right-hander at the end of the start/finish straight, saw many passing moves during the weekend thanks to this positive camber effect.

Even though the cars were reaching speeds exceeding 300km/h on the main straight in the slipstream and with the benefit of DRS, the braking zone for Turn 1 was very short as the drivers could carry so much speed in. The reason for this is fairly simple – the height of the centre of gravity on a race car and the forces acting on it can determine its cornering ability.

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