Saga continues: Haas F1 Team sponsor's legal troubles mount over logo

The Rich Energy logo adorned the Haas F1 Team car during the F1 Spanish Grand Prix in May.

The trouble is not over for Haas F1 title sponsor Rich Energy, as the the energy drinks firm is facing possible penalties over a failure to pay legal costs.

Taken to court for copyright infringement by Whyte Bikes — the Rich Energy logo was judged to be a near identical replica to that of Whyte Bikes — Rich Energy were ordered to pay the legal costs totaling $44,524 with further financial damages likely to follow.

The logos have been removed from both Haas cars, but the story had only just begun.

Adding to the rogue tweet claiming that their relationship with Haas would be terminated immediately, Rich Energy again now finds themselves in the news, facing a court order after failing to meet the deadline for the payment.


Whyte Bikes released a statement saying, “On June 27 2019 the High Court in London made various orders against the defendants, Rich Energy, William Storey and Staxoweb. One of the orders was that they should pay to Whyte (ATB Sales) costs totaling £35,416 by 11 July 2019.

“The defendants have failed to pay any of the costs award. Each of the defendants is jointly liable for the whole amount of costs awarded.

“ATB will now be forced to take appropriate action to recover the costs that they have been awarded. This may include applications to the Court to wind up both Rich Energy and Staxoweb and to petition for the bankruptcy of Mr. Storey.”

Haas will likely be following any goings on with interest as any action against Rich Energy could have financial implications for the team.

The Whyte Bikes logo

Rich Energy Corp. logo

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