Exploring an F1 icon: Giorgio Piola on the Williams FW14B

One of Formula 1’s most successful cars, the Williams FW14B, was by far the most advanced car of its time, which allowed Nigel Mansell to dominate the 1992 season.

Featuring sophisticated electronics and driver aids such as active suspension and traction control, the Renault-powered FW14B won 10 of the 16 races in ’92, and took pole in all but one race that year. 

In this video we explore one of motorsport’s biggest icons, with legendary technical illustrator Giorgio Piola joining Autosport technical editor Jake Boxall-Legge to delve into the FW14B’s history, sharing his own memories of a time when Williams was at the forefront of F1. Including the day Giorgio was shown into a room of the factory that he really shouldn’t have been, and Patrick Head was not happy! 


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