COTA Passed Over for F1 Replacement Race for October

For the second consecutive year, Formula 1 and the FIA have chosen Istanbul, Turkey, for a replacement race on the F1 schedule.

On Friday, Formula 1 announced that the series will race at Istanbul Park on Oct. 3. The move to Turkey replaces the F1 Singapore Grand Prix that was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. It was believed that a second race for the United States, namely Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, was considered for the opening created by the Singapore cancellation.

F1 is currently scheduled to visit the Texas track on Oct. 24. The Sunday prior—Oct. 17—is an off-week for the series.

Lewis Hamilton won last year’s race and clinched the 2020 championship in Turkey on Nov. 15.

“After discussions with other promoters, we are confident that we will be able to travel to the following race under our strict safety protocols,” F1 said in a press statement. “The Formula 1 community will continue to travel this season with stringent safety measures that has allowed us to travel safely this season. So far this season we have conducted over 44,000 tests with 27, positive cases a rate of 0.06%, with most coming during the earlier part of the season.

“Alongside this a significant proportion of the F1 community has been vaccinated already and we are confident that all will have had the opportunity to do so by the end of the summer. We will continue to operate in a way that protects the safety of our personnel and the communities we visit.”

Added McLaren Racing boss Zak Brown, “I think it’s great. Stefano (Domenicali) and everyone at the Formula 1 and the FIA have done an excellent job putting on Grands Prix ever since COVID started and they’ve done it in a very safe and responsible way and I think that’s what has allowed us to get to as many Grands Prix as we have.

“I think COVID certainly isn’t behind us and we have various issues in various parts of the world and I think Stefano has Plan A, Plan B and Plan C with the full intent of getting 23 grand prix put on this year. Unfortunately we are missing Singapore but Turkey is an exciting race and I’m very confident of getting in a full calendar this year.”

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