You Can Buy the “Highest Mileage Huracan” on the Planet

While most Lambroghinis are lucky to see 1,900 miles over their first 5 years of life, this particular example from 2015 has seen nearly 190,000. That because, according to the seller, it’s bene driven by 1,900 people.

The Lamborghini was the first car owned by Royalty Exotic Cars, a supercar rental company operating in Las Vegas. The service lets people rent cars. Rates for 24-hour rentals on similar cars come in at around $1,100.

It’s kind of sweet, honestly, that while most Lamborghinis are hidden away in garages, this one has been spreading the joy of cars around the Vegas strip.

And although that’s sweet, it does also mean that this Huracan has been driven. But it also means that the Huracan doesn’t quite live up to the old stereotype about Lamborghinis. According to the listing, it’s had nothing oil changes and basic services over the course of its 190,000 miles. We would have expected it to spontaneously combust by now. Audi really did change Lambo.

The seller is asking for $130,000 and Car and Driver reports that they’ve gotten offers for $100,000.

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