Wiesmann taking Project Thunderball reservations

Deliveries of the 'world's first luxury electric roadster' due to begin next year

By PH Staff / Monday, 26 September 2022 / Loading comments

‘Everything that TVR isn’t’ was one of the first comments on the Project Thunderball reveal story back in April. Hard to disagree with that sentiment, especially as Wiesmann has moved seamlessly from unveiling to limited first drives to customer reservations, ahead of confirmation that the first deliveries of the electric roadster are due to begin next year. If TVR had moved with such well-oiled alacrity, we’d all have been driving one five years ago. 

Granted, securing a place on the customer reservation list is not quite the same as ordering one, and Wiesmann’s declaration that future deliveries are ‘on track’ for 2024 gives it a handily wide window to iron out any production kinks – but the manufacturer is confident enough at any rate to suggest that prices will start from 300,000 euros. Which is a bold statement of intent, even in the admittedly rarefied world of dedicated electric sports cars. 

Not that Wiesmann-badged models were ever cheap, of course. Or numerous. And as we noted back in the spring, Project Thunderball isn’t lacking in standout qualities. You’ll hunt in vain for a direct rival for its all-electric rear-drive 680hp roadster, especially one that comes built primarily from carbon fibre (to keep the kerbweight beneath two tonnes) and benefits from a 92kWh battery and 800-volt system architecture. 

Additionally, Wiesmann says it has already had an ‘overwhelming response from potential customers’ and its (British, by the way) CEO suggests that investment in the latest technology has already paid off. Conveniently, the firm already has a factory in Dülmen, Germany, said to be staffed with many of the people who worked there back in Wiesmann’s heyday. Assuming the existing customer shortlist becomes a long one in the coming weeks, they can expect to be kept busy for years to come. 

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