Why I think my XUV 500 W6 is better equipped than my XUV 700 AX5

The XUV 5OO was much better equipped in many aspects (despite being cheaper by almost 8-9 Lakhs).

BHPian naveenchillar recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I own AX5 D AT 7-Seater and there is no CC available in this particular model. Besides this, I personally felt that AX5 models are actually Value for Money because Ax7 & beyond would have more Electronics and all of us know how M&M works. Drove XUV 5OO for a decade and I know how it was when it comes to electronics/ sensors.

However, I was also amazed to see that there is no CC. It was available a decade back in my W6. Infact, 5OO was much better in many aspects (despite being cheaper by almost 8-9 Lakhs).

Key Differences (W6 vs AX5 D AT 7-Seater):

Every forum/ YouTube channel would tell you the Positives but only those who use these vehicles for long can tell you the actual situation.

Not saying that it is a bad vehicle. I am super happy when it comes to Engine smoothness & power. However, there are certain things that I would like to highlight here because I have used W6 for 10 years before I bought my AX5. Everyone is aware about how good the current segment is, no point discussing them again and again.

Hope I am able to clear some air !

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