Watch: You’re Always Welcome Back into the Bosom of the Manual GTI

Volkswagen is looking forward right now and that’s a good thing. New cars, new forms of propulsion, new horizons. But through it all, it’s nice to be reminded that you can fall back into the familiar, caring arms of the GTI.

Matt Farah’s latest One Take video takes a bone stock Mk7.5 GTI up to the Angeles forest to give it a good caning on some twisty roads. As the Mk7 sunsets, it’s nice to be reminded that the car was well worthy of the GTI moniker.

Capable and quick, comfortable and practical, the Mk7 is everything we love about the hot hatch and remains the hot hatch. Although it errs on the side of daily drivable and competition has cropped up, it remains legitimately fast. It also remains singularly comfortable. Few cars are this easy to love.

“What’s great about the GTI is it evolves very slowly like the 911, it’s always kind of there when you need. So to come back to it after all of these times—like, you drive so many cars and then you come to it, and you go ‘Oh wow. They have really nailed this, haven’t they?’”

Yeah, man. They really have.

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