Watch the Gordon Murray T.50 Run Development Laps

The Gordon Murray T.50 is getting closer to hitting the public streets. That means there’s likely a lot of testing going on at Murray’s firm. Obviously, with the hype surrounding the upcoming, spiritual, McLaren F1 successor, it only makes sense to make a highlight reel of the T.50 hitting the track. And here is exactly that.

For those out of the loop, Gordon Murray’s T.50 is a Cosworth V12-powered supercar that takes inspiration from some of Murray’s most notable achievements. The most obvious nod to his legacy is the seating layout: this three-seat supercar is an obvious callback to Murray’s work on the McLaren F1. The T.50 also has a fan mounted at the rear, a nod to Murray’s work on the legendary Brabham BT46 “fan car.” For what its worth, this fan is electrically powered and works.

Murray’s resume speaks for itself, and we have little doubt in his abilities to prepare a car, so it is great to see this behind-the-scenes look at the T.50’s development process. While this video doesn’t dive too deep into the minutia of what goes into developing a supercar like this, it does make for an entertaining watch. Oh yeah, and we get to hear that Cosworth V12 sing at 5,000 rpm before all 100 cars hit private collections.

Will the Gordon Murray T.50 be as special as the McLaren F1? Or will it be a blip on the radar of automotive history? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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