VW Vento owner reviews Tiguan after 3500 km of mixed driving

The engine is eager to rev & the DSG transmission is a gem. It offers seamless gearshifts.

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3500 KM review- Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TSI

Mixed drive – largely highways, city drives and a little bit of off-road

The Drive

  • Solid Highway mile muncher- drove almost non-stop from Hyderabad to Nasik. It’s a gem of a machine. Doesn’t break a sweat on a continuous high-speed drive. Engine keeps pulling hard. Very stable & planted at 100+ speeds.
  • Quick acceleration is always available across the rev band. DSG is a gem. Drove in S mode and also with paddle shifters. The response on Normal mode is a little sluggish on kick down, especially when doing sudden overtaking on a 2 lane highway. That’s when the paddle shifters or Sport mode is a boon. For normal highway cruising, Normal mode is quite sufficient.
  • Open road performance is enjoyable. The TSI is eager to revv. DSG offers seamless upshifts and quick downshifts too. Mid-range is the real highlight (turbo petrol). Engine puts out a lovable sporty sound post 5000 rpm. Turbo kick in actually pushes you back in the seat. (I paid all my money only for this).
  • The steering is very light at low speeds, making driving in traffic effortless. At higher speeds though, it was a touch lighter than I would have preferred (definitely lighter than my Vento). The steering is pinpoint accurate. Typical VAG behaviour.
  • Handling as expected from a VW. Absolutely flat and composed. Slight body roll on corners (compared to my Vento). Low-speed ride is a little stiff.

Comfort & Convenience

  • Solid build quality. Absolutely no rattles whatsoever (may be too early to comment though).
  • Sound insulation – just fantastic. No NVH even at 100+ speeds.
  • Seats- super comfortable. Key assigned Memory function is a boon. Loved the driver’s seat- do not feel tired even after 10+ hrs of continuous drive.
  • Space overall is great. Rear legroom is ample. Rear seat flexibility adds up. Lots of storage options.
  • Top notch ride quality on the tarmac. Slight stiffness at low speeds. But overall super comfortable on long drives.
  • Butter smooth engine. Dead silent at idle. Top-notch refinement.
  • Headlights- super effective at night. Actually work as VW promised.
  • Sound quality could have been better.
  • 8” screen works fabulously. No lag whatsoever. Wired connection works 100% of the time. I didn’t miss the wireless Apple CarPlay / phone charger.
  • Would prefer physical knobs for AC control. AC works fabulously well. Cools quickly. I don’t have any sun films etc and I don’t think it’s needed.

Overall a great all-rounder by VW. Hope to munch thousands of miles with this. Hope my Vento does not feel bad.

A couple of pics attached taken on the long drive!

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