VW Sells a Lot of Golf Rs and a Lot More Atlases in August

August was a big month for Volkswagen, whose sales rose 10% as compared to August 2018. The increasing sales came from strong increases across the model line, though it does hide some modestly underperforming cars.

As was expected, both the Atlas and the Tiguan sold very well in August. Still, though, but their performance was especially strong this past month.

With nearly 11,000 Tiguans leaving dealerships in August, sales of the crossover were up 50% over August 2018. Although the Atlas’s total was smaller, just over 8,000, that meant that sales of the SUV more than doubled over Atlas sales in August 2018.

In all, Volkswagen sold more than 19,000 vehicles in 2019, or nearly 3,000 more than they did cars. That’s not to say it was a terrible month for cars, though.

Sales of the Golf R and the e-Golf were up 116% and 2,053% respectively, though their sales only amounted to a little less than 1,300 in total. Along with the 1,100 SportWagens that sold last month, that was enough to raise total Golf sales by 6% despite sales of the GTI and the standard Golf falling by 35% and 40%.

Similarly, sales of the Jetta were down nearly 10% in August, though with more than 9,500 sold, it was still the second-best-selling Volkswagen for the month.

Added to the annual totals, Volkswagen’s sales in the US are up more than 6.5% for the year so far.

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