VW Jetta owner test drives the new Skoda Octavia: Pros & Cons

Even happy with a 1.5-litre, hence also considering a Skoda Slavia & Volkswagen Virtus.

BHPian RoadTrippin recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took the Octavia out for a test drive yesterday and here are my thoughts.

Pros of the Skoda Octavia:

  • Butter smooth ride with power on tap. Immediately put a smile on my face.
  • Manages the bumps and potholes far better than my Jetta. The stated 137 mm ground clearance is not a deterrent at all. Went over a couple of tall speed breakers that the car handled with aplomb.
  • Excellent handling, I was very comfortable throwing the car around the corners but despite it being a Sunday morning I couldn’t push 120 given the traffic
  • Loved the build quality, having recently had a bad crash with the Jetta and come out entirely unscathed, the VAG tanks inspire tremendous confidence
  • Premium, plush interiors. You do feel like you are in business class

Cons of the Skoda Octavia:

  • Absolutely loathe the seats, despite them being plush. It is just not designed for practicality. The suede-like material is going to be a nightmare to maintain, especially as we need the car to drive to and from our farm regularly.
  • All car manufacturers: Bring. Back. Physical. Buttons!! Having to take the eyes off the road every time to fiddle with the AC fan and temp is a ridiculously bad idea. More so when the A/C vents are placed in a stupid position to accommodate the monstrously oversized console.
  • Way way more power than I am ever going to need. I need the car primarily for highway use, as I have a smaller city car. And as a sedate driver, I would be more than happy with a 1.5 engine.

It is a tough decision. My heart clearly says screw it and drop the extra 10 large ones for that smile it’s going to put on my face. Head says why to waste so much extra money when the Slavia 1.5 (or more likely wait for the Virtus) seemed to do an adequate job when I took it for a test drive.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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