Volkswagen R Sub Brand Looks Set To Get A New Logo

Volkswagen has filed trademark applications for updated versions of the R and R-Line logos.

The German automaker filed to reserve both of the new logos with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The logos fall under usage classifications for cars and motor vehicles, retail outlet stores for motor vehicles, scale models and toy vehicles, among more.

The shaded-in version of the logo is for legitimate ‘R’ performance cars, while the outline ‘R’ logo is for R-Line vehicles. There’s a joke in here somewhere.

These logos represent the third iteration of the VW R sub-brand’s logo. The first R logo featured a blocky capital ‘R’ with a waving flag motif trailing behind it, while the second (and current) logo featured a more stylized ‘R’ logo with a square background element.

This new logo is more futuristic-looking than the current logo and is a good fit for the tech-focused future of VW R. We’re surprised VW didn’t elect to debut the logo on the ID R, considering the fully electric prototype is indicative of a major reset for the VW brand as a whole.

The next R-badged product to arrive in North America will probably be the Mk8 Golf R. Rumors allege VW may discontinue the standard Golf in North America going forward and sell only the content-heavy Golf GTI and Golf R models, as they have much larger profit margins.

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