Volkswagen of America Reports Strong Crossover Sales in May

Volkswagen USA has just reported its sales figures for May, and numbers are up. Way up, for most vehicles, though a few models, especially the cars, saw some hits.

Volkswagen of America reported total sales up 14 percent in May compared with the same month last year. That means 35,702 total sales. For the year so far, sales are up 6.2 percent from 2018, hitting 152,883.

The volume leader for VW was the Tiguan, which saw sales of 10,687. that’s up 25 percent over last year, both for this month and for the year. Number two, up 42 percent in May and 57 percent on the year was the Jetta, which sold just under 10,000 last month. The Atlas saw sales more than double, hitting 8,273. That’s a 111 percent climb over May 2018.

Other cars up include the Golf and the Beetle Convertible, and the e-Golf was up 247 percent to 246 cars.

Models that didn’t do so well include the GTI and Golf R. Down 16 and 20 percent respectively to 1,179 and 424. The Beetle Coupe saw sales drop from 1,011 to 662, but the biggest drop was the Passat. Down 73 percent from 4,757 last May to 1,294 in May of 2019.

Strange surprises on the sales charts include the CC, which saw 6 sales last month. Not bad for a model that was discontinued after model year 2017. Same goes for the Touareg. VW dealers sold 14 last month, somehow 1,298 for the year. Meaning that a model that’s been gone nearly 3 model years is still putting up respectable sales numbers. And if you’re mad that we got the Atlas instead of the Touareg, you can still get a new one. As long as it’s a 2017.

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