Transmission & other issues on my Tata Tiago after only 6000 km

I’ve visited multiple authorised service centres but none of them has been able to solve my problems.

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Need help/advice on my Tata Tiago transmission and ABS Issue.

Car Details:

Tata Tiago XZA+. Purchased February 2021. Odo: 6,000 Kms


  • The gears are not shifting properly. 1st gear continues till 35kmph, 2nd gear continues till 40-45. This started only last month and earlier we never faced this.
  • ABS Light is ON continuously.
  • Check Engine light is ON.
  • Engine fan remains ON even after the Key is removed and the car is shut.

Story so far:

ABS light blinking is an issue 3 TASC couldn’t solve. Every time we visited the service station, they would do some kind of reset with their laptop, Light will go off but would be back ON in 1-2 hours.

Gear shifting issue: TASC has suggested going for a Clutch Overhaul (which is not covered in the warranty). When we asked:

  • How a clutch overhaul will solve the transmission issue?
  • Can you guarantee this will solve it?

There was no answer but this is the only solution apparently.

Check Engine Light: That is still to be investigated.

Engine Fan: When we asked multiple TASCs, they said this happens when the engine is very hot and the fan continues to run to cool the engine down. But we are facing this even when we have driven for just 1 km in the morning. For this, TASC didn’t have any answer.

Posting to get some help. Whether any other Tiago/Tata car owners faced similar issues in their 1-year-old cars and if the solution suggested by TASC seems reasonable.

Here’s what BHPian vishy76 had to say about the matter:

Peculiar issue, however, I think this has more to do with an electronic fault than a mechanical one, like a worn-out clutch. You first need to know the reason for the CEL. Ask TASS to give you the CEL error code. This should give you a fair hint as to what is wrong with your engine. An engine that isn’t performing correctly can make the AMT gearbox behave funny as well, so it’s better to concentrate on the CEL and determine exactly what it is for. Software resets don’t solve CELs. There’s almost always some sort of hardware intervention or repair needed to extinguish them. I think it might be linked to the radiator fan issue.

Likewise for the ABS error. Ask the ASC to give you the exact error code that shows up on a scan. The error codes should help us understand exactly what has gone wrong with the ABS as well.

Lastly, don’t give into changing the clutch. It’s too early for the clutch to wear out. Unless and until your car jerks and judders a lot more than you find acceptable, I don’t think the clutch assembly needs changing. The fact that the dealership isn’t ready to take onus if the issue remains unresolved even after this step further strengthens this possibility.

Here’s what BHPian Jeroen had to say about the matter:

Depending on the kind of fault, a reset might help. But if it comes back again, obviously a reset is not going to solve the problem. With these kinds of problems there might be multiple codes, so make sure they show you all the codes. Only when you have all the codes can you make a proper diagnosis.

It is very unlikely the clutch needs changing. This is most likely an electric or electronic problem. In your case, it is most likely there is something wrong with the ABS sensors and that is causing the ABS problem which is causing the transmission problem subsequently.

Here’s what BHPian Jaggu had to say about the matter:

Hope all these visits are documented? Ensure it is done and then escalate to Tata and they should be able to guide you to a dealer who would be best equipped to handle the issue along with the regional service manager from Tata. If not, put a specific request for the regional manager to get involved.

From the looks of it, these are all triggered by some sort of electrical or ECU misfires. 6000 kms is too low a mileage for things to break down otherwise, even for a clutch plate wear in an AMT.

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