This is How a Fashion Designer Thinks the Atlas Should Look

Volkswagen teamed up with alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet (boy that sure is a collection of proper nouns) to do an Instagrammy fashion thing. That’s cool or whatever, but what I’m more interested in is what the fashion world thinks is a strong automotive aesthetic.

In many ways, VW Vortex is a fashion site, just instead of clothes we look at cars. This isn’t particularly new or insightful, but whatever, that doesn’t make it wrong. What it does make it is interesting to see what happens when the capital F fashion world gets a car.

You’ll no doubt have seen those BMWs that Kith did a few weeks ago or maybe it was yesterday, who can say? To my eye, they were fine but a bit boring? Like, yeah, dope, a black 4 Series. But I’m pretty sure BMW did that from the factory.

This wrap, however, is big and bold. In point of fact, it is the StaceFace pattern. The StaceFace pattern, you won’t be surprised to hear, was inspired by Stacey Bendet’s face (which is also the subject of a legal battle with Steve Madden—not John Madden, as I originally thought, much to my confusion). The design is pop-inspired and extremely colorful ensuring that no one will miss the Atlas when it’s driving by.

I think the idea of bold patterns, especially as a wrap, makes a lot of sense. The lower cost of wrapping means that you don’t have to live with the pattern forever and it’s the logical—if extreme—conclusion of the trend towards more colorful cars. One of the most exciting modern trends is the return of two-tone cars.

Almost every crossover on the market these days comes with the option of a two-tone paint scheme and a bunch of pickups are donning ‘70s-inspired paint jobs. All of which is such a huetiful respite from the dour greys that have come to dominate the roads. 

The wisdom is, as Volkswagen explained in May, that big vehicles like the Atlas shouldn’t be painted in colors that are too bold because their size makes the color more aggressive. But Lamborghini is sort of challenging that idea with their bright yellow Urus, which no one accuses of looking like a school bus and which has singlehandedly doubled Lambo’s sales.

And let’s not forget the success of VW’s Spektrum color program. To butcher a quote from Martin Prince, Queen of the Summer: “More colors! More patterns! More, I say. Hang those who talk of less!”

Naturally, a pattern this bold will be too much for most of the buying public, but hopefully it’s a sign that more colorful and visually expressive car designs will become accepted. 

Anyway, the point of this particular Atlas was to get alice + olivia’s Fall 2020 fashions to Instagram influencers since there aren’t (I hope) going to be any fashion shows with crowd restrictions.



The gorgeous @juleshough reminding us to #VoteYourFuture (while doing cartwheels in alice + olivia )

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“I wanted to bring a moment of happiness to women this season,” said Stacey Bendet, Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director, alice + olivia. “Collaborating with Volkswagen allowed us to create an at home gifting opportunity. Who wouldn’t smile the moment this Atlas pulls up in their driveway bringing rainbow joy to their home!?”

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