The New Look Honda Civic Type R Has Banished The Fake Front Vents

Honda - The New Look Honda Civic Type R Has Banished The Fake Front Vents - News

For a car so focused on function over form, the Honda Civic Type R really ought not to have a face stuffed full of fake vents. Granted, they’re carried over from the standard Civic, but the big fake panels flanking either side of the FK8’s front bumper still – rightly – cause a lot of ire.

It seems, however, that Honda has recognised the problem. The Japanese manufacturer has revealed a facelifted version of the car, and although it might look identical on first glance, a closer inspection reveals what’s new.

How the facelifted FK8 Honda Civic Type R (left) compares to the outgoing model

The fake vents have made way for smooth plastic parts with slots cut into each side. They’re neatly split in two with hockey stick-shaped swoops finished in body colour. On that subject, the hue it’s wearing – Boost Blue – is a new addition to the options menu.

Unfortunately, the rear end is still sporting falsies, although as with the front, these parts have been broken up effectively with more body-coloured swoops.

Much more like it!

Pleasingly, the changes aren’t limited to aesthetic ones. The 2020 Type R has new two-piece brake discs, which are teamed up with new fade-reducing pads. The dampers have been revised in the name of improving ride comfort, and the rear bushings are now stiffer. There have been some unspecified alterations at the front, which Honda says will “reduce friction and improve steering feel”

We haven’t seen inside the car yet, but there are some improvements in the cabin to look forward to. There’s now an Alcantara-clad steering wheel, plus a new gear lever with a redesigned knob promising even shorter throws. Rounding off the raft of tweaks is the Honda Sensing package of driver assistance features.

Boost Blue - exclusive to the Civic Type R - has been added to the colour palette by Honda

Nothing has changed under the bonnet – you still have a 2.0-litre inline-four turbo engine providing 306bhp and 295lb ft of torque. This is sent through the front wheels via a mechanical limited-slip differential.

The updated Civic Type R will go on sale summer 2020. Pricing is an unknown at this stage, but we’d expect a small increase on the £31,870 charged for the outgoing model.

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