Tata Harrier: Groaning noise while turning the steering

There is a grrr noise and vibration feeling that I get from my car since I got it from showroom.

BHPian kapilnitdg recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Grrr noise coming from my Tata Harrier automatic on U turns

Hello Bhpians

There is a grrr noise and vibration feeling that I get from my car since I got it from showroom. It’s an automatic Harrier XZA Dec 21 model. I have done 6k kms on the odometer.

The problem only comes when I turn the steering to the max on both the directions, usually during taking a U turn.

During the second free service I elaborated the problem to the SE from Prerna Motors Bangalore. The SE acknowledged the problem and said Steering Bleeding will solve the problem. I got my car back today but the problem still persists.

Can someone help me diagnose the issue ? Could it be the faulty steering pump or faulty steering rack?

Looking for some suggestions to figure out the problem

Here’s what BHPian Jeroen had to say on the matter:

I assume your car has hydraulic power steering? Perfectly normal and you will find a bit of noise on any hydraulic steering gear at its max.

What happens is that in the max position and you still trying to turn the wheel a pressure relief valve opens. The steering rack in the max position bumps into a mechanical stop. In order not to damage anything, the relief valve in the hydraulic pumps opens. That is the brrrr noise you hear and you might feel a bit of a vibration in the steering wheel. But as soon as you release the pressure from the max deflection position it will be gone.

Hydraulic steering pump are self priming (positive displacement), so de air ing them isn’t really necessary. They do that by themselves when moving the steering wheel from right to left and back again.

Enjoy your car!


Here’s what BHPian PaddleShifter had to say on the matter:

Even I am of the opinion that this is normal behaviour of hydraulic power steering (HPS). This is present in both Punto that we own since more than a decade.

I developed a habit of rotating the steering back by 2-3 degrees if I hit extreme so that the irritating noise and steering vibrations are not felt.

Here’s what BHPian mayukh42 had to say on the matter:

Happens on my Punto too, it complains as if I am hurting it. So I take care to not turn it fully, even if it means n+1 point turn instead of n.

OT: Didn’t know Harrier steering is HPS unit too.

Kapilnitdg provided the following update on the matter:

Update: I visited the service center again, they have suggested to change the hydraulic pump as a new harrier parked there did not have this issue.

Fingers crossed, waiting for the part to arrive and then will take the car again. Looks like they have changed the pump design recently as a lot of owners complained about this issue being present on some of the cars. Speaks a lot about the quality check.

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