Spectacular Alfa Giulia SWB Zagato unveiled

A one-off, two-door Giulia had to be special – a 540hp V6 manual that looks like this ought to do it

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, 20 December 2022 / Loading comments

If there’s one thing you can guarantee with a Zagato build, it’s a distinct design identity. Whatever is created by the Milanese coachbuilder will look like nothing else out there (see the Vanquish Shooting Brake for evidence) and in some instances completely different from the donor car. The new Giulia SWB Zagato emphatically ticks both of those boxes.

Just revealed, the Giulia SWB is a remarkable-looking thing; it couldn’t be anything but a Zagato. They certainly weren’t lying about the short wheelbase, the Giulia massively truncated to create a squat, butch sort of coupe-hatch, one that almost has a bit of SZ in profile. The Giulia TZ of the 1960s has undoubtedly influenced the look, too, with the Kamm tail and large rear glasshouse. Zagato says the recent Villa D’Este concept cars – the TZ3 Corsa and TZ3 Stradale – also inspired the design. There’s a double bubble roof, too, of course – what would a Zagato be without one of those?

Elsewhere, there’s a hint of Montreal in the front end (or Tonale, if you’re thinking more modern), with the trademark half dozen Alfa lights cowled by the bonnet split by the traditional grille. It’s said that this car is going to a German customer who owns an SZ, some recent Aston Zagatos and an 8C Competizione, so the look makes sense. Alejandro Mesonero, Head of Alfa Romeo design, was involved with the project, but development and production were all Zagato.

As a celebration of the Giorgio platform and legendary twin-turbo V6, the SWB brings together the dream powertrain combination never offered before. As expected, the engine is producing 540hp, as per the GT Am, albeit combined with the six-speed manual previously only available in left-hand-drive, standard Quadrifoglios.

Should be quite the experience then, especially when combined with the additional agility of that drastically shortened wheelbase and (presumably) lighter weight from the carbon body. There are no numbers from Zagato for now on weight or performance, but the engine is a proven performer as we discovered in Wales last year. 

Andrea Zagato, CEO, said: We are extremely satisfied with the collaboration we had throughout this period with Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, the teamwork was perfect, also with the Marketing and Communication department. It has been an exhilarating experience that has confirmed how the combination of Alfa Romeo and Zagato is an absolute classic of collecting”. The images seen here were taken at Alfa’s old circuit in Arese, before being handed over to the one lucky customer. Should be a pretty good Christmas for someone…

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