Skoda Students Build Sweet Kodiaq-Based Pickup

The VW Atlas Tanoak isn’t the only crossover-based pickup concept in the VW Group lineup. And this latest one from Skoda seems a whole lot cooler. It’s the Skoda Mountiaq.

Yes, that name’s a bit of a mouthful, but don’t worry about the rest. That’s because this is one cool truck. And it’s actually the work of a group of students. The Mountiaq is the result of the sixth Student Car program the automaker has run at the Skoda Vocational School in Boleslav.

That means that this concept is the work of 35 apprentices, training to work for Skoda’s design, engineering, and manufacturing facilities.

But back to the truck. It’s based on the Kodiaq compact crossover. Then the class pumped up the ground clearance by about five inches. Partly from the 17-inch wheels and taller off-road tires. Those wheels also push out the track by a little over an inch. Then they fitted a big tubular front bumper, winch, snorkel, and a whole load of LED lights.

The coolest part, though, is that this is now a pickup. Gone is the rear bodywork, replaced with a new bed. That bed gets a hidden storage compartment underneath to keep stuff safe and dry.

Other cool design additions include the integrated running boards at the bottom of the doors. And a fridge built into the cabin. And yes, despite it being a student project, it even has a functional tailgate. Design work on the Mountiaq started in the fall, with construction starting in January. Now, if they want to get extra credit, it’s time to convince Skoda to bring this one to production.

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