Sing Along With Beefcakey Aussies In This Holden Rodeo Ad

The Isuzu Faster pickup was available new in the United States from the time the first ’72 Chevy LUV arrived until just a couple of years before the badge-engineered Hombre (really a Chevy S-10) appeared in showrooms. In Australia, though, the Faster was known as the Holden Rodeo for most of its sales run, and that run continued into our current century. Here’s a very masculine television advertisement for the 1998 one-ton Rodeo.

Set to the tune of the famous Cuban anthem, “Guantanamera,” this commercial features all manner of hunky male specimens bursting into rapturous song over the one-ton Rodeo while performing their testosterone-saturated day jobs (shearin’ sheep, buildin’ houses, haulin’ bulls, surfin’ the big waves). Just for good measure, a sheep and a cattle dog join in to sing the praises of the Rodeo.

If this song gets stuck in your head, not to worry! Just replace it with another maddeningly catchy Austalian-car-ad reinterpretation.

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