Petronas introduces ROVR mobile refuelling service

Petronas Dagangan has announced the introduction of ROVR, the country’s first mobile refuelling service. The service started as a pilot project last October by serving commercial customers (B2B), providing scheduled deliveries of Petronas Dynamic Diesel to fleet vehicles in which the refuelling process take place at the customers’ premises, at their convenience.

The service, which has delivered over a million litres of fuel since the project began, is now being expanded and its customer base is set to widen. The current fleet of a 4,000-litre capacity and three 11,000-litre capacity trucks for commercial customers is being supplanted with a 3,000-litre capacity truck for end-consumers, which is at its pilot stage.

End-consumers (B2C) will soon be able to experience Primax95 with Pro-Drive through the workings of ROVR – the refuelling service is slated to make its appearance at high-traffic hotspots, widening PDB’s coverage area beyond the scope of traditional stations.

The process works much like a regular refuelling process – all you need to do is drive up to a ROVR truck, park your vehicle, choose how you want to pay, and wait as the ROVR Ranger (the term given to the refuelling operator) fills up the tank. You also get Mesra points with your fuel purchase.

The company said that its ROVR fuel trucks have been certified to offer safe fuel delivery and dispensing according to the stringent health, safety, security, and environmental (HSSE) requirements stipulated by national authorities and regulatory bodies. It added that all its ROVR trucks are equipped with sensors to monitor vital information and maintain operational safety throughout the duration of service, at all times.

According to PDB, it will expand ROVR services nationwide by the end of the year and set up more refuelling sites.

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