Ops Selamat 15 – 9.1% increase in traffic accidents

The police has announced the statistics for its Ops Selamat 15 road safety operation held in conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidifitri festive season. A total of 24,461 traffic accidents were reported during the campaign, a 9.1% increase from the 22,411 recorded during Ops Selamat 13 last year.

According to deputy inspector-general of police Datuk Mazlan Mansor, there was also a slight increase in the fatality rate, with 249 deaths compared to 248 in 2018. He added that more fines were also meted out this year, the police issuing 350,537 summonses compared to 343,863 last year, The Star reports.

He attributed the rise in accidents and fatalities to driver attitude, saying that it needed to change. “Carelessness contributed to 27% of all accidents, with 10,271 cases recorded. Losing control of a vehicle was also the main cause in fatal accidents, involving 92 of the 232 fatal accidents recorded,” he stated.

Mazlan said the department will continue with its total enforcement approach beyond the festive period to try and reduce traffic accidents and fatalities. “The police will also study the enforcement design currently employed in order to make it more effective for future campaigns,” he said.

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