NRP Phase 3: dine-ins, showrooms, car washes and others open for unvaccinated individuals from today –

With Klang Valley and Melaka moving into Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) starting today, October 1, the National Security Council (MKN) has released new guidelines for these areas. For the first time, unvaccinated individuals are now able to dine in at restaurants and visit showrooms, car washes, morning markets and farmers’ markets.

Those that have yet to get their shots are also able to cross district lines, although you still need to be vaccinated and get police permission to conduct interstate spousal or child visitations. Filming for the creative industry is also allowed for the unvaccinated.

Last but not least, public and private events are now allowed to be held again at 50% of the venue’s capacity, with organisers and participants needing to be vaccinated beforehand. Unvaccinated visitors may enter, but only after either performing a pre-event COVID-19 test using a saliva-based self-test kit witnessed by the organisers, or obtaining permission from a health practitioner.

It goes without saying that you are required to wear a mask at all times in public places and practice social distancing of at least one metre, as before.

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