Nissan to lay off 1,700 employees in India

According to a media report, Nissan is laying off 1,700 employees in India. 

Reports suggest that Nissan is cutting around 12,500 jobs worldwide over the next 3 years. These include 6,400 employees who have already been asked to leave. 

The number of job cuts in India accounts for 13.5% of all the people laid off by Nissan globally. Besides India, Nissan is also laying off 1,420 employees in the US, around 1,000 in Mexico, 830 in Indonesia and 880 in Japan. 

It has been reported that the lay off process had begun in India almost 6 months back. Nissan had announced an Employee Voluntary Separation Scheme in 2018.

Nissan has said that the latest layoffs are part of its initiative to improve efficiency.

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