NASCAR 2020 Hall of Fame Inductees

What’s the NASCAR Hall of Fame? You probably don’t actually need us to tell you that it’s a collection of the greatest people in NASCAR, from drivers to mechanics. The word “legend” gets thrown around, but what else would you call people like Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, Rusty Wallace, and Jeff Gordon? Believe it or not, NASCAR’s been inducting its finest only since 2010, so while it’s had a short history of honoring people, it’s not short on history. Inductees made the sport what it is and are often household names even to those who don’t follow racing. Also, the NASCAR Hall of Fame is more than a virtual hallway of heroes—it’s a museum in Charlotte, North Carolina, that’s dedicated to each inductee and to NASCAR heritage, complete with interactive exhibits, a theater, artifacts, and more.

Inductees for the 2020 NASCAR Hall of Fame are drivers Tony Stewart, Bobby LaBonte, and Buddy Baker; crew chief and engine builder, Waddell Wilson; and owner Joe Gibbs of Joe Gibbs Racing. You can learn more about the inductees by visiting, but here’s a factoid about each:

Tony Stewart: His first season with NASCAR was 1999.
Bobby LaBonte: He wasn’t a premier driver until he was 28 years old.
Buddy Baker: His Daytona 500 average of 177.602 mph is still a track record—and it’s from 1980.
Waddell Wilson: Before becoming a winning crew chief and builder of winning engines, he worked for Cummins.
Joe Gibbs: “Coach” was previously a football coach—who won the Super Bowl three times.

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