My Slavia 1.0 TSI AT: Real world FE & other observations at 4200 kms

The build quality feels solid & confidence inspiring. Having owned a Jetta for 9+ years, I don’t see a degradation in the build quality.

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Hi Folks,

I purchased my Slavia Style 1.0 AT in Tornado Red back in July 2022. Post delivery on 12th July, the car has clocked 4200+ kms so far. Most miles have been from Navi Mumbai to Rohtak & back.

Initial observations:

  • The car is an absolute pleasure to drive. Though a downgrade from 2L TDI Jetta but no complaints whatsoever. The car drives steady even at higher speeds. I touched 160 Kph once on the open stretch between Udaipur & Chittorgarh & I was impressed. Loved the way the steering got heavy. NVH levels are very nicely tamed.
  • As far as FE is concerned, on the highways when CC is set at 110, I got a figure of 15.8-16.2. Obviously, higher FE towards 80-90-ish range. City FE ranges anywhere from 8-12 Kmpl depending on how slow-moving the traffic is. Overall Mileage so far is attached here. For a more practical approach, I follow & track only the full tank method.

  • Using seat ventilation does affect the FE. However, so far, I’ve not personally seen the AC of the car not working optimally. I’m very much satisfied w/ the cooling power. But I’ve observed that at 24C, the Auto Mode isn’t effective – It doesn’t begin to cool & sorta blows pseudo-warm air which is very surprising. Keeping the temperature at 23.5C starts to do wonders. This I personally feel is a misconfiguration from Skoda. I’d love to be stand corrected though.
  • On the highways, I did use the manual mode most of the time as I felt that the car was taking time to learn when to shift up quite late. Even w/ the Soft Pedal, the revving would be close to 2.8k RPM until the shift up happened. So around 2.2k RPM when I would lift my foot up from A-pedal, there would be a shift up which I personally felt was the right spot. So eventually I gave up the D mode & went to M mode & did enjoy it more.
  • Honestly, for the initial 100Kms, the bucket seats did not give me the comfort I was looking for but eventually I guess my body adjusted. This was one concern for me while I had done extensive TD of the car.
  • The curved approach of the Front Pax door trim is a :thumbs-down for me as for the support for the left elbow is pretty far from the normal reach. One has to extend self to ensure that the hand/elbow is resting.
  • I had my concerns initially w/ only 2 disc brakes in the front. However, the braking aspect of the car is brilliant. At any speed, you have total confidence in the car & the response is amazing. I did try 100-0 on the empty stretch couple of times while riding to Rohtak & had no issues whatsoever.
  • There’s gonna be a difference between 1L TC & 1.5L DSG – no doubt but at no point did I feel that the car is inadequate during my 1400Km run in 2 Days. The car felt peppy when needed. The car feels hungry for more miles as you keep munching. Also, I’ve used 91 Octane throughout.
  • Finally, the build quality feels solid & confidence inspiring. Having owned Jetta for 9+ years, I don’t see a degradation in the build quality. Would be a 19-20 if not more or at par.

Two snaps that I clicked 3 days ago post spending almost 5-6 hours washing & self-detailing the car:

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