Mini sets engine expiry date for 2025

Final Mini combustion engine coming very soon, and electric only after that

By PH Staff / Wednesday, March 17, 2021 / Loading comments

The idea that Mini is moving towards full electrification isn't particularly noteworthy these days. In addition to the Mini Electric going on sale, it's already previewed a BEV GP model. But confirming that it will be "be introducing its very last new combustion engine model as early as 2025 and launch only fully electric models from that point onwards," is obviously significant for the speed at which its transition is likely to occur. 2025 is essentially a model lifecycle away.

Furthermore, Mini is adamant it will remain a global brand "with a footprint in every region of the world" despite the move to an electric range, including a collaboration with Great Wall in China to build cars there on a new platform from 2023. That year will also see the introduction of a new Mini Countryman, to be offered as a fully electric version or with a combustion engine.

So big changes, then. It's all part of BMW's wider strategy, of course, where new vehicle architectures and production strategies will see 12 BMW Group electric cars on the road by 2023. Described by BMW as a "comprehensive realignment", its new plan will see the latest generation "take premium mobility to a new level from a technological perspective."

Which is all well and good, but today's news will be disappointing for those who have come to love the rowdy soundtracks of 21st century Minis – the supercharger whines, turbo whooshes and exhaust pops were as much a part of the experience as anything else. We know from the Electric how well the Mini takes to being engineless, of course, though it could take a while for enthusiasts to accept battery power being the norm rather than the exception. And now they don't have awfully long to think about it…

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