Mahindra XUV 700: Second service cost comes to Rs. 3500

Red Rage Completes the 2nd Labour Free Service at 10K and bill amount is Rs.3539.

BHPian Mudhalaipatti recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Red Rage Completes the 2nd Labour Free Service at 10K and bill amount is Rs.3539.

  • Engine Oil – 6L
  • Oil Filter
  • Carbon Filter
  • Tyres were rotated and balance checked.

Just before this service – For the first time in a very long time, got to drive to Chennai and Back all alone…. this vehicle is definitely built for the highways. Usually when I take this road, a BMW or an Audi would cut in to me and zip, zoom past me. Naa, not this time. If I mentioned the top speed here, I would be perma-banned and so will let you ride your imagination.

I can’t praise the braking on this vehicle enough. Phenomenal for such a heavy vehicle. The stopping distance is unbelievably short. Coming from the 500, this is a quantum leap in bite. I know, I know. I sound like a broken record here. I’m awe with the braking and handling.

Driving this behemoth on the narrow lanes of Trichy is akin to shoving an elephant through a needle hole. And its driving me mad, especially when the almighty pronounces that I love the car more than anything else, when I drop her off a half a km from the destination and ask her to walk in 40C pleasant weather. I don’t think she was being fair. What do you think

And so after much discussion, where I get to present the case and the Almighty says a lengthy “No”, the almighty now agrees that we need a second car, just for the city commute. And so wise souls of TBHP, what car should I buy?

Here are my requirements

  • Size – This is the most crucial one. Should fit 4 adults and have a smallish footprint, errr tire print, for easy city commute.
  • Price – Under 5L
  • Manual Vs Automatic – Prefer an automatic
  • Used Vs New – Doesn’t matter as long as I spend bare minimum on maintenance. At the same time, want to avoid the immediate depreciated cost associate with a new car.
  • Petrol Vs CNG – Undecided. While I like to keep the fuel cost to the lowest, both fuel prices seem to be climbing up in tandem. Will probably use for it for 4 years and then switch to EV. Current price of EV is prohibitive.
  • Daily commute of probably less than 20km.


  • Creature Comfort – Power Windows, AC (Climate Control if it’s available in this price range). Not looking for any other bells and whistles.

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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