Luxury SUV under Rs 1Cr: Buy Range Rover Velar or consider alternates

I did consider the Mercedes-Benz GLE, BMW X5, Audi Q7 & Q8, but except RR Velar and Q8 did not like any of them.

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Hi Everyone,

I have been in the market to buy a luxury SUV for the last few weeks and after seeing a few options, I have zeroed down on VELAR.

Size-wise, it seems a perfect SUV to drive in and around the city.

Although the price is a tad too expensive for its size and engine but due to a lack of options under Rs 1 Crore, we could not shortlist any other option

Now, my main worry is the horror stories that we all keep hearing regarding the reliability and the after-sales service of RR.

I would be trading in my 6 years old 320i which has been rock solid in reliability with almost zero troubles in these years and I generally like to keep my car for 6-7 years.

I am in two minds about whether I should go for a Velar as reliability is definitely an important factor for me when deciding on a car

Do you guys recommend I buy a Velar or shall I look at other options?

Kindly advice!

Here’s what BHPian graaja had to say on the matter:

Any specific reason why you are looking for the Velar?

For the same price point, an X5 40i would be much more powerful with 3.0-litre turbo petrol and also much more reliable.

Here’s what BHPian [email protected] had to say on the matter:

I got home the velar a month ago, the D200 (diesel), you can get the P250 if you are looking for pure self-driving. Prices of both are around the same but you get an 80-litre tank with the petrol and just a 62-litre tank with the D200 (smaller as the AdBlue tank takes up space).

I had an option to wait for the New Sport, however, being a completely new car I was not sure about the reliability of both electronics and mechanics.

The Velar being on sale globally for the past 5 years I’m sure most of the issues have been sorted out. The ride with the air suspension is very smooth and the sound insulation is amazing. The quality of interiors is top-notch since it’s a Range Rover after all!

However, you can get the X5 but the rear seats are not as good as the ones in the velar and I am not a fan of BMW interiors honestly.

The other option is the Macan, however, it’s much smaller.

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