Lucky biker escapes serious injury after hitting stray electric wires

The helmet as expected became the rescuer. It did its job of protecting the biker’s head before rolling off after the impact.

BHPian GKR9900 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Me and my friends were en route to have lunch the other day when this unfolded. I was chatting with them and driving to a nearby hotel. The biker in front was riding peacefully. We were keeping a safe distance from him and suddenly I see the biker swerving to the right and falling on the road. For a moment we didn’t realize what just happened. The road was well laid out, there were no other vehicles nearby. Why did the biker lose control? As we approached closer we could see why.

Apparently a truck had passed by some time back which clipped one of the stray wires on the electric post nearby. The severed wire was freely hanging when the biker got caught up in it. Poor chap! He was riding defensively and still managed to get caught up in this mishap. Talk about the unpredictability of our roads. As in the previous video, here also the helmet became the rescuer. You can see how violently the biker hit his head on the tarmac in what was apparently a low speed crash. The helmet did its job of protecting the biker’s head before rolling off after the impact. We stopped the car and examined the biker. He was shaken with a small laceration on the foot and some bruises over his body. He was wearing a rain coat which prevented road rash to some extent. I think this guy was extremely lucky to have come out of this with minor injuries. I hope this video also serves as a deterrent to those who excuse themselves from wearing a helmet next time they hop aboard a two wheeler for a short ride. Wear it, so that our life’s journey isn’t cut short!

Here’s what BHPian sravankrishnan had to say on the matter:

We were keeping a safe distance from him.

Safe distance and then some! You need to be appreciated for that. That’s way more distance that I would ever have kept in that situation and that really did pay off for you. You can’t predict anything on these roads.

Here’s what BHPian vasuki had to say on the matter:

Thank God he is safe. These stay wires really is a cause of concern and we can see lot of cables suspended particularly in the city. I see that he did not strap on the helmet properly, this particular attitude can be seen in many riders. He should be thanking all stars to come out with little injury.

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