Living with my new Hyundai i20 N Line: 3 weeks, 600 km, 7 pros & 8 cons

The car is fun & engaging to drive & gains speed very quickly.

BHPian promit recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I picked up an i20 N Line a few weeks ago. Considered the usual suspects in the ~15L range (City, Slavia, Verna etc). I wasn’t really looking for a hatch nor was I planning on a Hyundai yet again. But alas, was not able to connect with any car the same way the i20 N Line tugged at my heartstrings. A random test drive, and I had the car home a couple of days later. Truly feels like I am 25 again. Just summing up a few likes, and dislikes over the last 600 kms / 3 weeks that I have had her.




Will try putting together a review once I have put a few more miles on the clock. Big thanks to the forum especially to this thread and the ownership threads of akshaysehgal, ChiragM and others. I have suddenly started seeing a bunch of N Lines on the road in Gurgaon after getting one.

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